Our Journey

What happens when two crazy fanatics, over-excited madcaps , lunatics with every intention to kill each other,  who only bond over the fact that they both are bonkers for food, meet ??

It is like the clashing of two psychotic worlds which gave them the idea of exploring a third one. The world which they wanted to explore since the time that they discovered it. As we were scrolling through the giant search engine Google, we realized that there are a lot of blogs that talked about food recipes and reviewed food. Being two total whack jobs who wanted to do something different, and also being very well aware of the fact that our technical knowledge of food is zilch, we thought of starting a food blog with a twist.

Just because we didn’t know the technicalities of food, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with it. People who know nothing about food, still enjoy and savor every bit of it. That’s where the idea came up. Isn’t the same hammer that breaks a house is also used to make one ? Was this a food blog or a cliched motivational write up trying to distract you from the monotony of life?

What we’re trying to say is that we were flipping out about what to do and how to do it. The only thing that we were 100% sure about was that we wanted to do something. We starting trying to find the answers to these questions when all of a sudden it struck us. We couldn’t review food and honestly, we didn’t even want to. We wanted to know why they do what they do and we got hooked to that idea. The idea of going behind the scenes and knowing about the struggles and risks fascinated us. Being big time foodies and movie buffs who binge watch one series after another, there was absolutely no doubt that this was what we both should to do.  And as we started with it, we realized how amazing it felt to talk to people who were so passionate about food, making them relive all the moments that led to the creation of something so good, finding inspiration in their stories.

So at culinary haven, we bring to you such stories, of passionate souls, who just followed their hearts and found their calling. We hope that these amazing stories inspire you and give you the courage to follow your heart.


Signing Off,

Aman & Anny!