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Not Just the Sandwiches, Customer Satisfaction Works


Four years ago, we were out with our friends and were looking for a good place to have breakfast. That’s when we came across this new cafe near Danny’s called Sandwichworkz, the name looked pretty interesting, and hence we decided to give it a shot. As soon as we entered this place, we were greeted with a big warm smile and the owner asked us what would we like to have. We were a bit surprised and highly impressed by the hospitality of this place. Although the place was a bit small, it felt very comfortable. The food was brilliant too. Simple, well presented and Yummy.


Since that day, this become one of our favourite places for Sunday brunch. We go there quite often and a lot has changed over time. They’ve added things to the décor, expanded their menu, but the only thing that remains constant is the owner’s big, warm smile that greets you every single time you enter this place.

This place is owned by the sweetest couple that we’ve ever met : Himanshu and Takshashila Desai. Last week, we went to Sandwichworkz to get their story, and we left that place with an all new perspective about reviewing food and the whole food business.

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And Their Story Begins…

Himanshu grew up in Delhi and his love for making food began at a very early age. He was the eldest sibling and hence used to help out his mother in the kitchen when he was small. This hobby soon cultivated into his biggest passion as he grew up. By the time he reached college, he used to cook all the Sunday meals for his family. This became like an unspoken tradition which continued for years. It stopped when he got married to Takshashila and they left for Nigeria in 1999 for work. Even though he was in a corporate job, this did not stop his passion for cooking. He has worked in Ahmedabad, Singapore, Gurgaon and Nigeria. Due to the nature of his work, he used to travel a lot, and wherever he went, he would try out all the the famous dishes/specialities in restaurants. Then he would go home and try to make them. He and his wife,  had always been very passionate about food and they used to watch a lot of recipe videos on Youtube and try them out at home. They have not only seen and read recipes, but also written quite a few. In Nigeria and Singapore, they used to invite people over on weekends for dinner and make lavish dinners. They also used to host barbecue nights for their friends where they would cook for everyone. Even though he had a corporate job, his passion for cooking just kept on growing.

After the company that Himanshu was working for in Gurgaon shut down, they both decided to open a sandwich shop. That’s how they came up with the name. Since the rents were too high in Delhi, they started looking for a place in Ahmedabad. Finding the right place was pretty tough as a lot of people turned them down because they wanted to cook non-vegetarian food in their cafe. When they finally got this place, the only hitch was that it was too big for a sandwich shop. So they expanded their menu by adding everything they knew how to make.

It has been four years since this place has opened up and it is one of the most homeliest cafe’s we’ve ever been to. Customer satisfaction is so important for them that they even have a clause in the menu that says “Don’t pay if you aren’t 100% satisfied”. Himanshu has a lot of regular customers due to the fantastic bond that he keeps with each and every one of them.

They have expanded their business now and recently opened a new fine dining restaurant now called Tandoorworkz. It is the go-to place for delicious authentic north Indian food. 

Very rarely do we come across people who would do anything just to make their customer’s smile. I never thought that any restaurant/business owner would actually not mind taking monetary losses if their customers are not satisfied. After talking to them, this is what touched us the most. What keeps them going is the love and affection that they get from their customers.

So if you haven’t checked out this place already then what are you waiting for?  JUST DO IT. It is the perfect place to enjoy some good food with good company 😀

Hunger Helpline: 079 30920308

The Dungeon : 5 & 6, Madhav Complex, IIM Road,Vastrapur, Ahmedabad